G-Forces’ write-up of Employability Week #KentEW2014

Employability week at the University of Kent

Employability week at the University of Kent

On Tuesday 4th November GForces’ careers team, Natalie Whitcombe and Olivia Slate, headed to the University of Kent for the annual Employability Week. The event is geared up to provide a university-wide week of events, showcasing all the ways in which students can get experience and gain skills whilst studying.

GForces’ strong links with the university mean that the company has had a number of students join in recent years to undertake internships in a variety of fields. On the day, we were fortunate enough for some of our past interns to join the team to share their experience of a GForces internship with fellow students. It was great to see them again and find out how their workplace experience has helped improve their continuing studies.

On what was a very productive day, the team had an almost constant queue of students interested in GForces as a company and also the internships we provide. The team managed to get over 200 email addresses from students interested in work placements – as well as numerous students interested in full-time graduate job opportunities. What’s more, this continued engagement with those in education helps to get the GForces name out there among the next generation of digital innovators.

If you are interested in an internship, please visit http://www.gforces.co.uk/careers/develop-your-career/ for more details. Those interested in full-time graduate positions should check out http://www.gforces.co.uk/careers/current-vacancies/

– See more at G-Forces’ blog.


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