A whole new world…a new fantastic point of view

Going back to work after the Christmas break requires adjustment but when you are asked on your first day back at work to go and work in Israel for 5 weeks it requires even more of an adjustment!

I took up the offer and went to work in our partner’s office in Tel Aviv and I am glad I did. Of course, at first it was very daunting and there were a lot of differences to get used to. Being surrounded by people talking a different language and not having a clue what they were saying, in and out of work, can be very isolating.

However, asking for help to learn the language soon brought my new colleagues round to teaching me lots, not just about language, but about their culture.

The work ethic also took some adjustment as my new colleagues worked long hours but took several long breaks which I was not used to. I soon joined in and took advantage of the breaks in the warm sun (minus the strong coffee!).

At the weekends, I was able to travel to Jerusalem and the Red Sea and tried floating in the salty water!

So if you get the chance to experience work in a different country, go for it, it will give you lots to talk about at future interviews. You will also come back filled with confidence and able to deal with many different situations.


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