Can we fix it? Yes we can!

You said… we want to access more information from home, and outside of office hours.

We… record most of the talks given by employers when they visit campus, and make them accessible on our Moodle page.

We also…updated our webpages and made them more interactive, with videos and the Employability Bitesize content.


You said… we need help finding work experience, but a lot of it is unpaid.

We… created B-KEW, the Work Experience Bursary, which helps contribute towards out-of-pocket travel expenses, incurred while undertaking unpaid work experience.

We also… created the KEW webpages, which bring together all the ways in which you can gain experience whilst you study.


You said… we want to see the Careers & Employability Service team in our academic schools, and outside of usual drop-in times.

We… set up pop-up events throughout the year, at a variety of times, in your academic schools and in public spaces across campus, so that you can ask us your quick queries, get feedback on your CV, and find out more about which services we offer.

We also… surveyed students to see what the most popular times are that you’d like drop-in sessions to take place. The survey said that the current times are the most popular!

We also… set up drop-ins at the Jobshop, across lunchtimes.


You said… we want to see more employers on campus.

We… set up free talks and workshops throughout the year, with leading employers.

We also… invited over 100 companies to attend the Careers Fair, making it the biggest ever on campus!


You said… we want to know what employers want from graduate applications.

We… hosted lots of guest blogs by employers, to help you succeed in your applications.

We also… recorded the talks by employers that took place on campus, in case you weren’t able to attend.


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