Take you higher, t-t-take you higher, just tryna elevate ya like an elevator…pitch

Did you go to the Careers Fair during Employability Week? If so, were you happy with how you talked to employers, or would you have felt better if you’d been more prepared?

One really good way of making sure you tell the employer exactly what you want to, and you plan what you’re “selling” to the employer – you! – is preparing an elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch is a brief description of who you are, what you do and if relevant, why you are seeing or phoning them. Include your three most important selling points – these could be your skills, your education or your work experience.


Take a look at a video about elevator pitches here. It also walks you through the process of creating a fantastic elevator pitch, in an easy-to-use fashion. What’s stopping you?


There are lots of other videos on a variety of topics, including CVs, interviews and what employers look for in graduates.


“Hello I’m Debbie Smith and I’ve just graduated from the University of Kent with a degree in English. I’m really keen to enter a career in journalism and have lots of relevant experience working for the university newspaper. I’d be really grateful for a few minutes of your time …”

Show the employer that you are a good match for their requirements. You need to make a good impression and say why you are of value to them. Write out your introduction, and practice saying it out loud and keep rewriting it until it’s concise and smooth.

So if you’re planning to phone any employers about possible jobs, go to careers fairs, or pop in to shops to see if they have part-time vacancies, make sure you get your pitch ready!

Come in to a drop-in session and give us your pitch if you want to practice, and we can give you some feedback. Don’t forget, this video and more are available for you to view any time on our webpages.


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