Are you ready, hey, are you ready for this?

There are a number of rules which govern socially acceptable behaviour in the workplace. These rules or ‘etiquette’ exist to try to avoid as far as possible tensions and misunderstandings in the workplace which should make for a happy and productive working environment.

As an employee, you have the right to expect employers to treat you with respect and to be given the supervision you need to do your role. The terms of your contract should also be met and your working environment should be safe. In return, there are a number of expectations placed on you as an employee.

  • One of the key expectations is that you arrive at work on time and that you complete all tasks in the correct timeframe. Also be careful to stick to allocated time for breaks.
  • When you arrive at work, make sure that you are dressed appropriately. Check if there is a dress code and look at what other colleagues are wearing to judge how smart you should be.
  • Fitting into the team is something that you should aim to do as quickly as possible. Be respectful, talk to people, listen to them but make sure that you are not distracting. You want to aim for a balance of being friendly but not disclosing so much that your life seems like a soap opera.
  • Have respect for others’ opinions, do not be afraid to ask questions and ask people if you can help them. Respect and take on board feedback regarding your work.
  • Offer to make tea and coffee and make sure you know what happens on occasions such as peoples birthdays as you don’t want to be the only person to turn up without a card!
  • Be confident! Employers like a self-starter who is able to use their initiative. Make use of company training, offer to take on that project that no one has time to do, develop that idea that you think will benefit the company.
  • Above all else, be professional at all times and have a positive attitude.
  • Always adhere to company rules and policy from IT usage to customer service to health and safety and everything in between.
  • Always be willing to help and remain positive about all tasks even if you are not very interested in doing them.
  • Be dependable- make sure that you meet all deadlines.
  • Make sure that you notify colleagues or your line manager of any problems as soon as these arise.

Starting a new job can be daunting but if you follow these suggestions you should be fine!


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