Student Case Study – Billy Yu Lok Ng

I have always wanted to be a Barrister specialising in Family Law, working on cases related to children’s rights, divorces, etc, ultimately in order to help and protect the local community from domestic violence, potential threat to their mental health and other physical abuse. That is the reason I had been devoting myself into getting as much working experience as possible while I am studying third year of my Law degree, considering it is a tough and competitive industry, in order to increase my employability.

I am honoured to be able to work alongside a bunch of amazing, hard working and talented solicitors and barristers during my mini-pupillage, shadowing a Family Law Barrister John Nee under one of the most popular chambers in Canterbury, namely the Becket Chamber. After shadowing him, I am very grateful being able to observe him in court and learn from his skills including the legal writing, legal drafting and presentation skills in regards to the ways in presenting an argument clearly and firmly in court.

During a couple of client interviews, I have been taught the importance to show sympathy to clients, calming them but also the way to maintain my professionalism as a barrister in the future. The case was very interesting and I have learned so much in terms of a range of practical skills which may come to be useful in the legal world which are not taught in lectures and seminars.

The placement was nothing but useful and practical and it definitely broadened my horizon. John was an amazing barrister as he definitely encouraged me to enter the bar. He told me that nothing will be able to stop me if I really wanted something. After the placement, he described the life in the Bar to me one to one and I considered myself very lucky to be able to shadow him.

I secured my placement with him via Linkedin. John said that if I would like to pursue a career at the bar or generally in the legal industry, appropriate self-promotion is of utmost importance and Linkedin is one way of achieving this. I have benefitted from this scheme as I have been travelling to courts around Kent by train, and the bursary scheme definitely reduced my financial burden. Although it was only a small amount of money, I believe it worked very well for me and other students as an incentive, having that support from the University. I strongly have faith in myself being a law practitioner in the future and I am forever grateful for this scheme.

– Billy is a 3rd year Law student


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