Student Case Study – Gabriela Olmos

I interned at the Representation of the EU Commission to the UK in London, for a month. This was an incredible experience as I was able to see how many of the things that I have studied throughout my degree can be put into practice. Everyone was incredible friendly and working in such a multicultural environment made me realise the importance of language and communication skills.

Working in an office environment was completely new to me. My main duties were mainly research and communication ones. I promoted the work of the EU Commission across several media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, from which I learnt a lot, as representing an institution through social media is a great responsibility.

I also had the opportunity to represent the Commission at different events outside of the office. I was surrounded by diplomats and representatives of different EU countries. As an undergraduate student this was quite a surreal experience. I was in an environment that I had not pictured myself in for many years to come.

Through this internship I further developed my communication, networking, timekeeping and research skills. I also had to work with excel which I had not done in a very long time. I have learnt a great deal about my own capabilities and how important these experiences are. I feel that I can thrive in different environments and that I am greatly adaptable.

One of the great things about this internship was being able to communicate with fellow interns. I have made a very good friend who has interned all over the world and who has great experience working for different big institutions. She has opened my eyes to the many possibilities out there for people with a degree in Politics and International Relations.

I would greatly recommend trying to get an internship before graduating to anyone that is unsure as to what career path to follow. It opens the doors to many other possibilities and it allows you to see first-hand what certain career path entail.

I feel very lucky to have had this experience and I am thankful to the Politics and IR department for making such opportunities available.

– Gabriela is a 3rd year Politics and International Relations student


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