Student bursary case study: Anna Fitzsimmons

I interned in the Institute of Contemporary Arts for the Creative department, focusing mainly on Associate Artists and Exhibition. I carried out daily tasks including thorough research on upcoming artists and their previous shows. I prepared research documents for the weekly creative meeting so that the team could decide whether the artist was suitable for the gallery.

I also researched directors and their films, a main task was to research Krzysztof Kieslowski as the gallery were holding an exhibition of his films. For this event, I needed to set up contacts for the target audience and any professionals who would speak at the 10 day event. I also got to liaise with Europa Cinemas where I had to log all the European films we had screened within the year. This was an important task as depending on how many films the gallery had screened meant they would receive more or less in financial support. Therefore in trying to research how many were screened and if it was more than what was recorded, the gallery would receive more funding and so able to screen more European films equaling in a larger revenue for both companies.

I am very grateful for the experience as I felt it restored my passion in the film industry. I learned many things and enhanced my skills but within a different area of film to what I have done before. Having previously worked within the mainstream area of distribution and exhibition, I expanded my knowledge in the Experimental Cinema area which related to my module studies of this term. I also had crossovers with last term’s Film Criticism module, as I needed to research article links for the research documents. I got to read up on different directors wh o had different audiences which helped me find my own style during the module as well. pic2

I also enjoyed working in London which I have never had the opportunity to do so with being from the North West of England. Even if it was a long commute it was still nice to be within a city full of culture and with a desire for film and the arts.

– B-KEW recipient, Anna Fitzsimmons, 2nd year Film student



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