I’m not afraid to take a stand, everybody, come take my hand – 1st Place Graduate Recruitment

or… How to Stay Positive in your Job Hunt    

We all know that the graduate job market is a difficult one to navigate. There are seemingly endless obstacles to overcome and this is all alongside studying, exams and having a social life. However there are many reasons to be positive about moving into your career hunt, and most of them are down to you!

On the Up

Graduate prospects in the UK are at a real high, even higher than pre-2008 financial crisis. This means there are more job opportunities, better paid jobs and better future prospects in those jobs for graduates than 10 years ago! Now if that isn’t a reason to view your job search positively I don’t know what is.

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t find THE job straight away. Summer is the peak hiring period but there are graduate jobs hiring year round. In January 2015, 1PGR placed 80% as many people as in August 2014! And if your first job isn’t all that you hoped, don’t worry; Louisa Papachristou wrote for The Guardian it’s just the beginning of a long journey and the important thing is to make a start somewhere and build on that”.

Iceberg Ahead
We know there are challenges in any graduate job search and like an iceberg most of these won’t be noticeable until you scratch the surface. But this isn’t a reason to be disheartened; any job search is a learning curve and will give you the opportunity to learn more about what you are looking for as you go along.

The earlier you start, the more applications you will make and the more interviews you are likely to attend. This process will help you narrow down your options when applying and so you will know when the perfect job offer comes along. 1PGR graduates on average accept a job they really want within 11 working days of us receiving their application but this isn’t a steadfast rule, take your time. Moving closer to any goal is a reason to be positive and upbeat, let alone one that could define your future.

Competition for jobs will always be there, but be positive that this shows the job and company you are applying for are worth it. Long applications or time spent tailoring your CV will result in a better return from the contact you make, and committing to researching and preparing for interviews thoroughly will all increase your confidence through the job search right up to accepting that all important offer!

Believe Believe Believe
Self-belief is the cornerstone for staying positive. Know that everything you have done throughout school, university and work has lead up to this point. Any and all experience is relevant at graduate level and has shaped who you are up to this point.

That part-time retail job has helped you deal with difficult customers, sell store cards and advise people when needed. The season spent as hockey team captain has enabled you to have the confidence in making difficult but necessary tactical decisions and in keeping team morale high. Moving into student digs with a bunch of random people helped you learn to organise (cleaning schedules and nights out but still!) and form relationships in a very short period that really stand the test of time.

Knowing the value of every experience you have had will show you know your worth. And with all that experience, why be anything but very positive about your prospects!

Let Others Help
There are so many people who can make your job search that little bit easier, allowing you to focus on performing in interviews and when sending out applications. Careers services, family, friends and family friends always ‘know people’ and recruitment agencies can all offer assistance. You don’t have to go at this alone!

1PGR is a graduate specific recruitment agency and has helped hundreds of graduates into top jobs. They do this because they love helping people find their perfect career. Rebecca, a newly placed recruitment consultant said “they increased my confidence throughout the process and set up multiple interviews I may have not been able to secure myself, which led to a job offer”!

Staying positive in your job hunt is difficult but remember that everyone had a first interview and a first rejection. Going into an interview with positivity and confidence will do more good for your application than the best of experience, so keep it up job seekers, you will get there soon!


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