If I were a boy…would I be better paid?

Late last year, the papers reported that the Gender Pay Gap had shrunk “to an all-time low”.

What are the facts?

In the UK, the difference was 9.4%, compared with 10% a year earlier. This works out as men earning 17.5% more than women, for doing the same job, equivalent to women earning 82p for every £1 earned by a man.

However, in the EU as a whole, the difference is still 16%.

Why is this? According to the European Commission,

“women have as good or better qualifications than men, but often their skills are not valued the same as men’s and their career progression is slower.”

What do you think? What is your experience of the gender pay gap?


3 thoughts on “If I were a boy…would I be better paid?

  1. The ‘Gender Pay Gap’ is an incredibly complex issue. Most rational people would agree (one hopes) that equal pay for equal work is an inalienable right. However, there is a lot of conflicting evidence. For example, this report would indicate it is more to do with different working environments rather then actual ‘discrmination’: http://www.consad.com/content/reports/Gender%20Wage%20Gap%20Final%20Report.pdf

    Of course, on the flip side, there are plenty of reports that DO emphasize the role discrimination plays, (such as the European commission report above)

    Its a complex debate. As in all matters of economics, their are a myriad of factors that CAN influence such statistics. I post this only because such debates can become very politically charged, and often the facts are distorted by both sides. At the very least, can we not agree that any action, if any is taken on this issue, should be carefully crafted to take into account the complex situation?


  2. My experience as a woman is that (once I learned how to negotiate, which is absolutely key) I am generally not being paid less than men who are doing the same job. I have seen men get promoted over me, though, and get paid more that way. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is still very much an issue. Being male and being a leader are still linked in many people’s minds (including, very unfortunately, some women).


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