Hi ho hi ho it’s off to (social science) work we go…

…What can I do (to get a job in social science)?

Social Science graduates have a wide variety of transferable skills which make them ideal candidates for jobs in a variety of different career sectors. The Open University has put together a useful list of the skills and abilities a social scientist will possess:

  • put together reasoned arguments and question assumptions
  • understand the processes of change in society and its institutions
  • draw together, analyse and critically evaluate information
  • communicate concisely, clearly and accurately with others
  • use ICT to research, identify and present information
  • manage time and take on responsibility for your own development
  • respond positively to critical feedback
  • interpret, use and evaluate data.

Data from the Higher Education Career Services Unit (HECSU) shows that the majority of graduates of social science courses are working in business, HR, finance, retail, marketing, sales, management, clerical and numerical occupations. For a full breakdown click here Social Science graduates find employment in central and local government, non-profit organisations, education establishments, healthcare, businesses, law and media to name but a few.

Indeed Highfliers research shows accounting, banking, finance, retail and public sector jobs are expected to have the largest growth in graduate vacancies in 2015. The largest recruiters of graduates in 2015 will be Teach First (2,060 vacancies), PwC (1,570 vacancies) and Deloitte (1,100 vacancies) all of whom recruit social science graduates. Importantly nearly half of the recruiters taking part in the Highfliers research said that they would be very unlikely to recruit a graduate with little or no work experience.

Many jobs in the social science field will require additional post graduate study. It is important to consider the idea of further study carefully and it can be useful to talk through your options with a careers adviser.


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