(Don’t fear) the recruiter

(How to work with recruitment agencies)

Forming relationships with recruiters can really benefit your career regardless of what stage you are at. Recruitment agencies are used by businesses to help them source talent. They will hire an agency because in general a recruiter has access to a talent pool that most businesses cannot access. An established agency will receive numerous applications for every role that they advertise, they will interview 1000s of candidates per year and have a in-depth knowledge of the sector they recruit in.

The recruitment industry in the UK is massive, second only to the US in size. It places 1.7m people per year and posts almost 90% of all the online job adverts. Agencies range from sole recruiters to multi-nationals, cater for every specialism imaginable and can help anyone from graduates to CEOs.

Graduates can make contact with a host of specialist graduate recruitment agencies that will happily offer advice and relevant graduate positions. Specialist agencies are worth seeking out for anyone who has gained industry experience through a sandwich course or who has a fixed idea of the career they want to pursue.

Top tips on working with recruitment agencies:

  1. Create a list of 10 agencies that work on roles that you are interested in (either by searching online or using job-boards) and start contacting them.
  2. Try and get the details of individual consultants rather than sending CVs to generic email addresses.
  3. Don’t be afraid to use the phone, be proactive. If you haven’t heard back in a week then call. Explain what it is that you are looking for and gather as much information as possible. Keep in contact.
  4. Out of the 10 you contact, 4 might be responsive and helpful, 3 won’t help and 3 you will never hear back from. Whatever the ratio you will soon be attending interviews and receiving job offers.

– Chris works at Seevee. Seevee is a new way to search for jobs. Connect with recruiters and let them do the hard work for you. Free and Easy!


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