Leaving on a jet plane…don’t know when I’ll be back again

Having a job where travel is involved is not for everyone, but I loved the excitement of discovering new places not just in the UK but in Europe.

Working with the European Commission I often travelled to conferences and workshops and fairs in UK cities such as Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester, and Edinburgh. I also took part in many big meetings in Brussels and other European cities. The benefits I found from travelling as part of a job were that I got to visit places and learn about many other cultures that I would otherwise have only been able to read about.

A key area that I found improved significantly was my communication skills, finding ways to get over language barriers and make small talk with people from other cultures, which are all things which take practice. Also the opportunity to meet lots of different people and learn from them was amazing.

It also helped with networking – it is one thing talking to people on the phone but then when you meet them in person and in large groups there is much more opportunity for discussion and finding ways where you can help each other. In this way you gain respect, become well-known and can boost your career.

The most important thing is you push yourself to be brave and my confidence sky-rocketed.


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