Congratulations! Now what do I do? – NHS Graduate Scheme

Firstly, congratulations to all trainees who have been offered a place on the scheme! If you haven’t, don’t give up as there are quite a few trainees who learn from the experience and apply again. I was told when I was applying that if the scheme is right for you; you will be successful whether it’s your first or third attempt at applying.

I thought it would be appropriate for this week’s blog to focus on what to do between being offered a place on the scheme and the start date in September. This time last year I remember being extremely excited about being offered a place with lots of people congratulating me on twitter then I realised it was still 4 and a half months until the start date. As I was starting the scheme straight from university, I had the whole summer to prepare but trainees often start straight from other jobs.

My top tips for what to do over the next few months are:

  • Talk to current trainees – they will be able to give you more specific information about your region and what to expect from possible placements. We can also talk you through any concerns or questions you have now you have been offered a place as it is likely we had the same questions when we were offered a place.
  • Join twitter – if you aren’t already on twitter, sign up! The @NHSGradScheme account is great at helping you network with other trainees who are starting the scheme at the same time as you. It definitely makes the first day a lot easier if you can see a familiar face.
  • Get involved with the on boarding events – over the summer you will receive Grad Mail emails with vital information for preparing for the scheme. They will also contain information about events you can attend to meet current trainees and trainees who will be starting with you. They are very informal and give you an opportunity to ask trainees the questions you may not have thought of/wanted to ask us at your interview!
  • Keep in touch with people you met at your interview/Assessment Centre – I met another candidate at my AC and we stayed in contact and were both offered a place on the scheme. It was really useful for me to have someone to talk to who had similar worries as me about starting.
  • Plan to visit your first placement once it has been allocated – this is a great opportunity to meet your managers and the team you will be working with (don’t worry about remembering all the names!). It will also give you a feel for how the placement may work and some further ideas for what you might like to experience during your orientation – don’t be afraid to discuss what you want to gain from orientation and your placement as a whole.
  • RELAX! The scheme is hard work and orientation requires a lot of energy as you will have a wide variety of experiences. You have been offered a job with one of the best graduate schemes in the country – take the time to enjoy it 🙂

If you have any questions (or are just joining twitter and don’t understand it!) follow me @amydevine13

Amy is a current NHS Graduate. If you’d like to apply for the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme, visit


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