…And I need a job, so I want to be a paperback writer – Student Case Study: Dannielle Way

The University of Kent Work Experience Bursary has allowed me to undertake work experience, in the hope that I will find a job suited to me. Without this aid, I fear that I would not be able to see what it is like to be an Editorial Assistant, before I begin applying for jobs.

Travelling to and from London can be very costly and without the bursary, I would have found travelling extremely difficult, particularly as the placement was unpaid. Through the work experience itself, I have gained the ability to focus upon details whilst proofreading. Working upon the same text for long periods of time can make you veer into skim reading, which you absolutely cannot do whilst proofreading, as you could easily miss problems or typos. In short, it has taught me how to focus my mind on a task, even if I am unfamiliar with the topic that the text may be written about.

The opportunity also allowed me to develop my communication skills, as I worked with a variety of different media and forms of text. When giving feedback about online content, such a video conversions and websites, a different approach is needed in order to be as clear as possible. This takes shape in the form of tables and figures rather than detailed explanations or fixing the mistakes yourself.

Prioritising and time-management skills were also developed during this work experience, as a constant stream of work comes in, so you find that you are always rearranging your workload, as a new priority should take its place. The importance of creating your own deadlines was learned, so that you may have a pocket of time with which to deal with new work that might have more importance or time limit than your current project. These skills will allow me to go into the work place with a stronger sense of what is required of me and will allow me to prepare my skill set, so that I may make the most of every opportunity once I enter the world of work from university.

The dedication to any task, will definitely come in use as a future skill, as I anticipate that roles will contain some work that may not be particularly strenuous or perhaps might be very difficult and so being able to commit myself to any task will be extremely useful in proving myself capable. As well as dedication, having communication skills is integral to any job within my own opinion. The development of clarity, as well as form of communication can be vastly helpful, as it is all very well and good for one person to find an issue, but to get the best results you must find a way of sharing the findings with others, in a simple and precise manner. Details and technical language being reserved for use when needed.

Lastly, time management will allow the company to run smoother, as people with higher roles than me will be able to use my work to complete their tasks ahead of schedule and so allow more time to be spend upon the difficult aspects. This could also highlight my capability and understanding of the pressures of the field.

– Dannielle Way is a 2nd year English & American Literature and Creative Writing student


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