The show must go on!

Working in Higher Education, I’m always asked by people whether I “get the whole holidays off”. No! Working at a university is a year-round job – just because there are much fewer students on campus, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have anything to do during the holiday.

Quite the opposite, in fact! The vacation periods are a time for us to review and reflect upon how we have performed over the past year, to modify our services to ready ourselves for the incoming new students, and to plan and organise events across campus. In late summer term, we work with academic schools review our activities for that academic year and plan for the next one.

Planning for Employability Festival and the Careers Fair, for example, which take place in October/November, begins just after the previous one has taken place! And it’s mostly nearly organised before August, so that we have the print materials ready to promote it from September onwards.

Additionally, having a web and social media presence have ensured that students can access our services out of term time, from anywhere in the world, so we are regularly giving feedback on CVs, covering letters and application forms via email and over the phone, as well as sometimes conducting Skype careers appointments.

So don’t worry, we’re keeping busy in the Careers and Employability Service, so that we can provide the best possible service to students and graduates!

– Is there anything you’d like to see us organise? Any particular companies you’d like to see on campus? Email us your suggestions to  


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