Who’s laughing now? The best UK degrees to guarantee employment (by White Horse Digital)

What’s your dream job? C’mon, don’t be bashful. Designer? Musician? The next Mark Zuckerberg? Everyone has a deep desire to do something great, but with so many industries filled with hurdles of competition (and so few positions), it’s not always possible to land on your feet. Sure, there’s ways and means of standing out from the crowd and knocking the socks off potential employers, but that still means you’re leaving university with the uncertainty of employment. Let’s be honest, no one feels great moving back into Mum’s house without a job (apart from the bacon sandwich wake-up calls and washing on tap), so finding a solid career path from the very start can save the inevitable flood of job rejections once you graduate.

Beating the educational debts

Subsequent to the winning vote of the Conservation/Lib Dem coalition government, which saw tuition fees rising to a mammoth £9,000, (thanks for that, Cameron) it’s never been more crucial to break into any career as quickly as possible. The first students to pay these fees will enter into the UK’s most attractive job market in ten years, according to the BBC, so entering a field where jobs are abundant is definitely worth the payoff. Luckily, many of these in-demand degrees are ones many people have a fervent passions for, so you may well be pleasantly surprised with the professions in high demand in the UK.

What sectors are hiring?


Doctor, Doctor… I feel like a degree! It comes as no surprise that medicine and dentistry rank as one of the top industries crying out for employees. The UK Shortage Occupations List details medical roles in everything from trauma and orthopaedic surgery to forensic psychiatry. The pharmaceutical industry is booming, and companies like ICON employ over 10,000 employees across 38 countries to help bring life-changing and saving drugs to people’s lives. Almost all students graduating in the sector have landed themselves jobs or further study within six months of leaving university; in fact, The Telegraph found that 92% went straight into work in the UK – but what if you’re not made for medical?


Well, if you’ve got a great business head, you’re onto a winner. 70% of UK Business and Administrative Studies students landed in employment within six months of graduating, the HESA’s Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey (DLHE) found. Another large concentration of students found working in business were economics graduates, with 63.8% finding work within the first half a year post-graduation.


One industry we all keep hearing about is engineering: graduates perform magnificently well in the job market. From space to robotics, new energy to 3D printing: it’s definitely becoming the fastest growing in the UK. You only need to look at the army of cranes building on London’s booming property market to see engineers are in high demand. 78.4% of those studying architecture and building  found employment six months after graduating. Demand for graduate engineers appears to exceed supply, and things can only get better for those entering the industry in the future.

Careers in the crystal ball

Looking into the future, we can make good predictions (albeit, general ones) about the jobs and skills in demand five years from now. The number of higher skilled jobs, such as managers and professionals are expected to boom (two million extra positions, in fact) by 2020 – good news for those leaving university with great qualifications. Employment in the trade, accommodation and transport industries is expected to increase by 400,000 jobs by 2020, according to the UKCES Working Futures report; meaning careers in sport, leisure and tourism and catering services are all set for positive growth.

As with any career decision, it’s important to do your own research into the field that interests you, as well as the industries snapping up grads. Be sure to check out the regional side of things: jobs in hot demand down South may not be so promising if you’re wishing to live in the North East. If you do decide to go into a highly competitive industry, keep the passion and work hard to stand out from the crowd, and if that fails… who’s to say you were unhappy taking advantage of Mum’s bacon sandwiches anyway?

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