The devil’s in the details, oh

Imagine the scene. You have just spent ages perfecting a CV for your dream job and it looks great. You send it off to a potential employer and breathe a sigh of relief that your application is done.

But then you decide to open it again and take another look, and you notice a couple of spelling and grammar mistakes. No need to worry right? Surely they won’t notice?


Your CV is the first impression that an employer will get of you and if you have made spelling and grammar mistakes, it will like you have rushed your CV or that you don’t pay attention to detail.

So the advice is to check, check and check again! If spelling and grammar isn’t your strong point, ask someone whose English is good to read through the CV for you.

By all means use a spelling and grammar checker as a back-up (making sure it is set to UK English), but they can miss lots of things, such as words that sound the same but are spelt differently e.g. A board director isn’t the same as a bored director, but both would pass the spell checker.

In this competitive graduate job market don’t let spelling and grammar mistakes come between you and the job you really want.


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