…pour myself a cup of ambition (Student Case Study)

The University of Kent Work Experience Bursary has given me financial assistance to enable me to participate in a brilliant two week work experience placement with Kent Legal Services (Kent County Council’s in-house legal team). It was certainly the best work experience placement I have been on.

From day one I was given tasks to complete that:

  1. Were important to the progression of clients’ cases
  2. Gave me a fascinating insight into the law and type of work involved in the cases
  3. Did not make me feel like I was being given mundane tasks to get me out of the way, but were in fact significant pieces of work that needed to be completed.

The tasks included:

  • Research into statutory time limits and alternatives to issuing proceedings
  • Applications to the Land Registry to voluntarily register land and amend the Register
  • Analysing leases, licences and covenant and preparing advice for clients arising from the analyses
  • Drafting leases, licences and responses to enquiries before purchase/lettings
  • Researching a Site of Special Scientific Interest and the legal implications of such status

The team at Kent Legal Services, whilst obviously being extremely busy, had a fantastic team atmosphere and were very interested in the work that they were doing on cases. Each person within the team, including the legal secretaries, licensed conveyancers, Solicitors and the team leader, was always happy to talk to me and offer assistance. Many were keen to involve me in the work that they were doing and debate the issues with me.

From client meetings, to preparing documents such as leases, I was able to join in on engaging tasks and had the opportunity to investigate the client’s entire situation, as well as the legal principles that lie behind them. Beyond this, spending time with Kent Legal Services gave me a rare insight into the political side of County Council legal work. From compulsory purchases of land, to leasing buildings, the Commercial and Environmental team dealt with a range of issues, and for a diverse mix of clients.

I would highly recommend a placement with Kent County Council for any individual who is interested in the methods behind the law, or a different take on the factors that influence advise given to clients.

I am confident that this placement will help me in any future application I make to work within a local government body. Whilst giving me practical experience in legal work within the public sector, it also gave a good insight into the political dimension of local government thinking and the types of decision-making processes that go on within such organisations.

– Hannah Lennox is a 2nd year Law student


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