Why is everybody so obsessed? Money can’t buy us happiness… – student case study

The University of Kent Work Experience Bursary has enabled me to explore possible future carers and complete a week’s work experience in London at a Behavioural Economics firm. Not knowing exactly what I want to do after my degree means that being able to try different jobs beforehand, through work experience is very important to me and in helping decide where my degree is going to take me.

By undertaking the week’s work experience, I was able to learn a lot about behavioural economics and market research; and not through simply reading books or attending lectures. I was able to pick up concepts and grasp ideas whilst working and seeing it in practice. I was given the opportunity to do a range of different tasks on a range of different projects, from analysing qualitative participant responses to also taking part in research, and observational research as well as talking to participants and gathering their responses. The variety of tasks I was given let me understand the processes that a project goes through from start to finish.


I gained a huge insight in to the world of behavioural economics and found it to be something I rather enjoy, combining many different skills on a wide range of projects. I now hope to take modules that will benefit me, if I eventually decide that this is the career for me. I have also been offered a longer paid placement with the same firm and the possibility of working for them during my placement year. By being able to do this one week of work experience it has opened up so many opportunities for me to explore and learn about.

– Charlotte Brown is a 2nd year European Economics student.


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