Workin’ for a livin’, livin’ and workin’

I became part of the work-study scheme last year because I thought it sounded brilliant – and it is! After attending a few helpful sessions about employability, I was soon receiving a lot of emails offering all sorts of jobs around campus. As a student studying Digital Arts, interested in graphic and web design, I got very excited when an email came through offering a role to work as a web assistant for Creative Campus.

The application was easy – as a work-study student there is plenty of help available in this area. Before I knew it, I was being offered a 4-week placement, which I carried out during the last 4 weeks of my first year.

The role ended up being much more than a web job. I also got to take part in the exciting events involved with creative campus, such as the unveiling of Bill Hook Nook’s outdoor theatre, and Kent Extra courses about bench and basket making. During these events, I was doing photography and even a bit of journalism – which I found really fun! It was so nice seeing students doing creative things unrelated to their studies, and fun to document and upload to the Creative Campus website afterwards. I also got to do a lot of research on the EDA sculpture, which I didn’t know a lot about before.

The whole UELT department has been very welcoming, and I was delighted when they asked me if I would like to continue working for them during my second year. I’m hoping to do a year in industry next year, so getting as much experience as possible is pretty important. Employers love seeing relevant experience on your CV, and of course doing these types of jobs boosts your skillset.

I’m so thankful for the scheme because it has not only given me a great job where I have developed my web skills – I’ve also learned some great tips in general on how to boost my employability. The initial sessions made me think a lot more about my social profile. They also made me think about making sure everything on my CV is relevant, and easy for employers to read. Overall, a great experience!

– Leanne is a 2nd year student studying Digital Arts with a Year in Industry. She is interested in graphic design, illustration and photography. You can see her work at


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