People take their places, down at the courthouse

I applied for the Kent Work Experience Bursary as I had been successful in obtaining a week long mini-pupillage, or work experience with a barrister, in London. In order for me to know whether or not I want to be a barrister in the future, it is so important that I gain as much experience before committing to the path. This work experience placement allowed me to sit with a great number of barristers and ask them questions about the route they had taken to get where they are, which is in a very successful chambers in the heart of London. They all gave me some great advice and motivation.

However, commuting from Canterbury to London every day comes at no small cost, and thanks to the Bursary, I was able to get the train which came in handy every day! It gave me a real taste of what it would be like to live in Canterbury and commute to work in London every day, I actually really enjoyed the routine.

The work experience itself was very demanding, I was asked to attend court and take notes for a barrister, help draft an advice letter, and also sit with some of the international clients during the court case and help them understand what was going on. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and I have since applied for a scholarship to do the BPTC or the Bar Course in London next year.

– Elouise Mitchell is a 3rd year Law student


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