Why join Chaucer Speakers Club?

Before answering why, a bit of background.

What is Chaucer Speakers Club?

We are part of the Association of Speaking Clubs, a national organisation of 120 clubs promoting the art of public speaking and improving peoples’ speaking confidence. The Chaucer club was established in 1972 and over the years has helped hundreds of people improve their communication skills.

Who can join?

Anyone! We have a membership from a wide range of ages, abilities and backgrounds who have joined for various reasons but usually because they want to improve their confidence and public speaking techniques.

Where and when?

We meet every first and third Monday of the month from September to July. Meetings take place at the Kent and Canterbury Club, on the Old Dover Road (free parking!) from 7:30pm to 10:00pm.

Why join Chaucer Speakers Club?

Chaucer speakers club is now part of the employability points scheme but there is no need to wait to collect points to gain some experience. We offer a friendly, welcoming and supportive environment for those wishing to gain confidence in public speaking. Whether it is for a one-off special event (such as a wedding speech, college presentation or job interview preparation) or just to help develop confidence in everyday speaking situations, Chaucer Speakers Club provides a structured programme and experienced guidance. You benefit from a supportive and friendly environment, and can have a programme tailored to meet your needs.

You can find out more at our website www.chaucerspeakers.co.uk or join us on Meet Up


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