Internship in Japan – apply today!

Internship in Okayama, Japan with Nakashima Medical Company

The University of Kent and Shujitsu University, Okayama, Japan have agreed to establish an exchange program for students.

Program: 2 month placement from June. The placement will be completed before the beginning of national festivals on 10 August

  • Week 1 Orientation at Shujitsu
  • Weeks 2 – 7 Internship at Nakashima Holdings Company
  • Week 8 Sum-up at Shujitsu

Internship: Nakashima Holdings has Nakashima Medical Company as one of their affiliated companies. The internship will be provided at this company. The company specialises in producing artificial joints. They have 3D printer to produce joints and they do research for compatibility between metal and cell.

Benefits: Nakashima will be responsible for providing accommodation and commuting expenses between the apartment provided by Nakashima and Nakashima Medical Company.
Students will be responsible for air round travel between UK and Okayama, Japan and living expenses during the internship.

Person Specification: One student will be selected

  • Preferably Graduate students specializing in Bio Science and Engineering.
  • Basic Japanese language skills a requirement


  • Apply with CV and covering letter to by Monday 4 April with Nakashima Holdings internship in the subject line
  • Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a short interview at the Careers & Employability Service
  • Skype conversation with Professor Sugiyama, Vice-President of Shujitsu
    University, Japan to assess language ability.
  • Placement offer will be confirmed by the end of April
  • May – Student obtains visa and prepares to travel
  • June – July placement
  • August – placement finishes

General Information of Okayama: Okayama is located about 700 kms west of Tokyo, or 170 kms west of Osaka. It takes about 70 minutes by air from Tokyo or 3 hours and 20 minutes by bullet train. It is about 50 minutes by bullet train from Osaka. It is faced with Seto Inland Sea in the south and Chugoku Mountains in the north. It has a population of about 2 million


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