The best things in life are free

I had two weeks work experience at Penguin Random House in their Marketing and Publicity department. This was a fantastic experience which taught me a lot about Penguin Random House generally as a company, and also more specifically in relation to how the marketing team operates. I helped in the everyday running of the office. I had such a great time looking at press releases and drafts of books yet to be published.

Day One was a fairly relaxing day as I was given a tour of the office, given my ID card and then shown how to use the computers and the software that they use. Everyone was so friendly and nice.

After Day One I was then thrown in to it, being given tasks from different members of the team to complete, like finding a certain article or sending out a certain parcel by a certain time or in a certain way.

It was very important to be on time as this was when the office was busiest with mailouts needing to be sent early in order to reach their destination by a certain time. By the end of the day the office gradually gets quieter as more and more tasks are completed.

I was surprised at some of the tasks I was involved in and the freedom they gave me. For example I was in charge of not only putting up a display but also designing it. This was exciting but also nerve racking as I wanted to make a professional looking display, I think I managed it in the end!

Overall my time at Penguin Random House was amazing and I would definitely do it again.

– Devon Maisie Tipping is a 2nd year English Language and Creative Writing student.


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