We don’t just know how to recruit – we know recruitment!

We get it, deciding on what career path to take can be a stressful and at times tedious task to say the least. There are so many potential careers open to you, many of which you won’t even be aware of at present. For instance, have you ever considered a career in recruitment? Has anyone ever given you an idea about what that would even involve? When it comes to recruitment, graduates often overlook this exciting, dynamic and lucrative industry, in favour of more well-known career paths.

Before you do the same, consider this, did you know the average salary for a recruitment consultant in the UK in 2015 was £47,841?


As a training consultancy that specialises in the recruitment industry, The Recruitment Academy advises, trains and places graduates like you, into top graduate recruitment positions, across all sectors.

Having built strong relationships with many recruitment firms throughout the UK over the past 20 years, we’re certain that we can find you the perfect recruitment role in a location that suits you best.

We act as your very own recruitment guardian angel, identifying the best roles for you, preparing you for the rigours of interview and even providing you with specialist after-care training to empower you to excel in your job – you’re welcome!

The Recruitment Academy are experts in all things recruitment, for instance, if you are a woman, did you know that wearing your hair up in an interview will better your chances of getting the job? Or, how setting a time of 10:30am on a Tuesday for an interview can better your chances of getting a role?  I’m sure you’re wondering how we know this, or even if it’s true? We have the expertise and knowledge to help you not only in the job, but in interviews too!

If you’re wondering how our recruitment process works – it’s easy:

  1. Once you’ve applied, our dedicated team will assess your suitability for live opportunities, giving you clear feedback at all stages.
  2. We’ll help you to perform well through the interview process, giving you insider tips and techniques to give you the best chance of getting the job!
  3. Strong relationships with our client base and working thoroughly with you mean that we can best-match you to the right role.
  4. We will delivery industry leading training after you start your new role, enabling you to maximise your earning potential from day one.

Placing you in your dream job is at the forefront of our priorities, and we want to help you! If you’re a graduate interested in exploring the opportunities for a career in recruitment and you’d like to find out how we can help you, check out our website



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