All in a day’s work

During my first year here at the University of Kent, I was offered the opportunity to take part in the Work-Study Scheme. Through these sessions Hannah Greer (the Work-Study Coordinator) went through all the key skills to help with employability, the best tip I took away from the sessions was the importance of an online presence so I created LinkedIn to help with networking. The sessions were really enjoyable and it was great to have support with employability as I think it’s one thing that some students can leave university feeling unprepared for.

Since the scheme, I have been very fortunate to have a number of different roles within the university. The first job I had was a student caller to raise money for our Kent Opportunity Fund. This campaign was a great experience, and it no doubt helped me in the summer term in 2015 take part as a Student Researcher for the DLHE survey. Both of these jobs I would not have known about if it wasn’t for the Work-Study Scheme as Hannah sends emails out with all the regular updates on jobs, also they are really flexible hours so perfect for a student!


Last summer, with the help of Hannah, applied to become a student trainer. This was a job that I didn’t have much experience for, however through having support with the application I felt much more confident. To my surprise I managed to get the job, and for the past year I have been delivering training sessions which has greatly improved all my skills, mainly communication and public speaking, which is invaluable experience and one I could not have achieved without this scheme. It’s not only the job opportunities but everything that comes along with it, meeting various staff across the campus and working in different locations within the university has definitely opened my eyes to how the university works and how lucky we are to study and work here!


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