Doctor, doctor, give me the news

Since starting my placement I have gained a number of skills, and knowledge. From working with Deaf and hard of hearing children and adolescents, with extremely complex needs, I have developed a strong awareness on deafness and the many adversities that these individuals face, on a day-to-day basis. I have developed further skills on successful research methods, from completing a number of NHS audits. One of the audits I had to present in front of the Deaf learning event, which was in front of 50 senior consultants, managers, and a number of other staff and public. This developed my public speaking skills, and as it was the 3rd presentation that I had ever done, it really boosted my confidence and abilities. Since my placement I have been learning bits of British Sign Language (BSL), which has allowed me to communicate with people that I would have struggled to communicate with before.

I have learnt how to work efficiently and well within a close team, and have developed my time management skills, as well as my organisation. The professionals have given me a lot of responsibility which has given me a sense of confidence and worth. I have learnt many new psychological theories, and been able to put ones that I already knew, into practice. Due to confidentiality, the NHS uses a database called RIO. I now am equipped with the knowledge to use this database, and therefore have furthered my IT skills.

Due to the variety of mental illnesses that our service sees, I have been exposed to a number of rare and complex illness and have learnt the symptomology of these illness. Due to this exposure, I am no longer nervous of these things, and I feel confident in speaking with clients. At the beginning of the placement, I felt very nervous to speak with clients and their families, from fear of saying or doing something wrong. Now I can converse and communicate with them in a friendly and professional way, with confidence. This has developed my interpersonal skills, as well as my communication skills. Additionally it has developed my confidence in my own capabilities.

I have administered a number of cognitive assessments on clients, as well as scoring Conner’s and other tests. This was a huge experience, that not a lot of undergraduates would be able to experience. This has developed my understanding of these tests, and thus prepared me for my training. It also has put me in a good position in regarding to applying for my clinical psychology doctorate.

The work bursary has helped me by giving me a safety net. As my placement travel costs are £16.80 a day, without receiving this bursary I would not have been able to attend my placement and gain this invaluable experience.

– Rosie Mason is studying Psychology, and is currently on a sandwich placement.


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