The Road So Far

My internship at the Historic Dockyard Museum has offered me a chance to explore the working of a museum and gain a better understanding of real world issues and practise of theoretical frameworks.


I had the opportunity to work with different departments such as the Collections Team, Learning and Education department and the Marketing Department. I was able to fully understand and participate in creating the Command of the Oceans project at various levels in conservation, cataloguing, studying funding processes and organising the exhibition.

All of this would not have been possible without the wonderful staff at the museum, who were both encouraging and enthusiastic to expose me to various events and activities undertaken at the museum. The museum studies module also enabled me to understand theoretical models and preparing me well to undertake the placement.

I would also like to thank the B-KEW bursary Scheme along with the University of Kent for covering  my travel expenses, which enabled me to gain these skills without having to worry about travel costs.

– Ashwini Lakshminarayanan is a final year Classical & Archaeological Studies student. This post is taken from her blog, Repeathistory.


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