It’s in the photograph

In the month of April 2016 I was grateful enough to attend work experience at a photography studio on Tottenham Court Road; it was a company by the name of ‘Curious Productions’. It was a vibrant, trendy setting filled with passionate, creative individuals – and I felt as if I fit right in. Basically, my overall aim right now is to obtain as much work experience as I possibly can so I hopefully have an idea of what I want to do with the rest of my life, once I’ve completed my degree.


My work experience at Curious Productions more valuable than I ever thought it could be; it ultimately made me realise that I perhaps was not cut out to be a commercial photographer, but I discovered that I was interested in becoming part of a photography studio team in general. The role of the studio producer most intrigued me, as there is a lot of organisation and problem solving involved.

The reason that this work experience was amongst the most helpful I have ever received was because I was able to go on site to different shoots, and thus learn about the roles of many different people involved in this whole industry. I ultimately learnt that it’s hard work being a photographer, and equally as difficult being a photographer’s assistant (which is what I basically was for the week) – also that there are so many people involved in just one photo shoot, and it’s a really intense yet exciting process. I was pleased to find out that there are truly so many job roles out there that appeal to me that I am yet to discover properly. I was able to listen in on a couple of meetings with clients and this made me even more enthusiastic about being a part of this busy industry. It was such a valuable experience to be able to be so closely involved with everything that was happening – the whole week gave me such a clear insight into not just this company, but the whole commercial photography business.

Throughout my time at Curious Productions I learned what occurred when clients visited the studio, and also observed how everyone acted in this type of situation; I learned that you must always be prepared for plans changing at the very last minute (this is one of the reasons that this industry appeals to me so much, it is always so hectic); and I too improved my photography skills in areas that I really wanted to improve on.

– Jenny Edwards is a 2nd year, studying English and American Literature and Creative Writing


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