I love rock n roll…

…Put another dime in the jukebox baby!

Last year I ventured off to Bangkok, Thailand and found myself deep within the music industry, interning at an orchestral recording studio. The experience was incredible and allowed me to become much more diverse within my field. Being at the studio allowed me to have a great hands-on experience working with professionals who were happy to share their knowledge. It was also great to be able to apply many things I had learnt in University and demonstrate it through my hard work on various projects.

Last year’s amazing journey has inspired me to come again this year, which is a decision I am very glad to have made. I feel much more confidant and in control this year. My people skills have developed hugely thus improving my workflow and my quality of work. At the studio I have developed a trust with all my colleagues, which has allowed them to give me bigger responsibilities, such as teaching other interns the basics of the studio, or working directly with clients and working with they’re needs. I’ve had the chance to run my own sessions and work privately with musicians without supervision, which allows me to feel confident that my level of musical/engineering skill has risen over time, which I give total credit to my University for giving me those key skills to be applied into a workplace. This year for me feels like I have taken another huge step in the ladder to success. My thinking is much more different and I am think much bigger than last year, in terms of my future prospects.

The financial help I have received from the ‘Kent Work Experience Bursary’ has been  a huge support over my work experience time. It can be quite financially stressful to do unpaid internships and there is always a sense of instability. But with the Kent Bursary, I can feel a sense of security and relaxation when it comes to important financial matters such as rent, food and transport. Because of Kent Bursary’s support, I am able to go to incredible destinations and work with an incredible team who really care about sharing they’re knowledge and experience. This in turn, allows me to use these important skills in my future career as an engineer/musician, which is incredibly useful if one wants to succeed in the music industry.

The University of Kent is able to see the importance of education and work experience, which come hand in hand with each other, which explains they’re constant support for students in work experience.

– Kevin Rodriguez Ladino is a 2nd year Music Technology student.


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