Why don’t you want to meet me anymore, in museums full of culture

IMG_3095My placement at the Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery was an great experience that opened my eyes to the complex operations involved in museum collection management. It gave me the opportunity to consider the various ways in which my academic knowledge can be put to use in a professional environment.

While interning at the museum, I was given a number of responsibilities. I had to verify the validity of the online costume inventory, handle costumes and accessories dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, carry out quality control checks, photograph the artifacts according to museum guidelines, and address inconsistencies in the electronic record (Modes). On one occasion, I also assisted the collection manager on the installation of art works for an upcoming exhibition at the museum. The work consisted in photographing the works and filling out quality control reports for each work according to museum protocols.

As a history and philosophy of art MA student, the opportunity to assist the Collections Manager of the Tunbridge Wells Museum with cataloguing and inventory work was the ideal occasion to apply my theoretical knowledge of museology to a concrete curatorial task and understand the extent to which such knowledge can meet on-ground practicalities. At the time of my internship, I was enrolled in a Masters-level curating module at the University of Kent. Having the opportunity to acquire hands-on experience at the Tunbridge Wells Museum in tandem with the theory I was learning in my seminar significantly enhanced both aspects of my training, theoretical and practical.

I am sure that the knowledge I have acquired during this experience will be of relevant  value in my future, especially in the event of pursuing a career in an art institution dedicated to the curatorial  artistic practice.

– Gloria Bisello has recently completed a Masters in the History and Philosophy of Art.


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