Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)

We’ve all heard about people who have found a job through creative means…there’s the Kent graduate who wore a sandwich board around London, the graduate who paid to have a poster on a billboard, and the advertising professionals who used Twitter to “hustle” themselves jobs… but how does creative job hunting actually work in practice?

Know your audience! It’s not going to work if you are applying for a job at a firm who are asking for a CV, covering letter and transcript from university. Sending them a box of chocolates with a DVD of your video CV probably isn’t the best way to get a job with them. If there’s a specific, pre-defined way in which the organisation would like you to apply, then use that. But if you are applying speculatively, that is to say when a job is not specifically advertised (on the off-chance, you could say!), then go for it!

An excellent example of someone who has understood when to be extra-creative is Elski Felson, who created a video CV using Snapchat, when applying for a job there! He hasn’t, as yet, heard back from them, but using the tool that the company manages is a fantastic way to grab attention.


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