Don’t leave me hanging on like a YoYo!

My 2-week work experience at YoYo Design was my first internship and it has taught me a lot. I got to try many different things such as graphic design, which I had never done before, as well as image editing and videomaking, in which I only had experience as an amateur. I learned how to use new digital software for the projects I was working on, as well as deepening my knowledge in the ones that I already knew how to use.


My main project was to shoot and edit a video for the company to enter some design awards with a website they designed and developed. The video included some interviews as well as web content and required a lot of sound mixing, which I found challenging at the beginning, but then really enjoyed working on. I really liked working on this project because, even though I was  supported by my mentor, I had the chance to work quite autonomously, making the most of the creative decisions and choices.


I think working for an established company like YoYo made me gain confidence in my creative skills and will probably be very valuable in terms of future employability in the media industry.

P1010549I really liked my experience at YoYo especially because of the extremely welcoming environment and the nice and friendly people I had the luck to work with. Everyone made me feel like I was part of the team from the very first day, which allowed me to feel comfortable and enjoy my time there. Unfortunately the studio was really far from where I live, so I had to commute by train every day, but the The University of Kent Work Experience Bursary allowed me to be able to afford the travel costs.

– Flavia Scagni is a 2nd year Film student at the University of Kent 


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