I’ll stand by you

I’ve spent the past 11 months of my sandwich year working within the Older Adults Psychology Team in West Kent (Maidstone & Sevenoaks), gaining clinical and social skills.

I have had the opportunity to observe and co-facilitate post-diagnostic groups, conduct and disseminate service evaluation audits and projects, observing and taking part in therapy and neuro-assessment sessions, and much more.

I have taken away so much from this placement and I’d like to thank all the community staff throughout the Trust who have supported and welcomed me during my time there. This opportunity has supported me in deciding on my career path and has given me the opportunity to work with some amazing and inspirational people.

I have left my placement with a better understanding of the client group I was working with, a better understanding of dementia and an understanding of functional disorder presentations as well.

The B-KEW Bursary has been very beneficial as travelling to Kent everyday via trains can be quite expensive and tedious. Their support has allowed me to relax a little in regards to the cost of my travel so that I could focus on the work I had to do on my placement.

– Blessing Bakare, final year Applied Psychology student


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