There’s no business like showbusiness!

The CAN Group has given me a broad insight into the talent management and PR industry. The company currently manages Peter Andre, cast members of The Only Way Is Essex, Matt Goss and Danielle Lloyd to name a few. Working alongside a team of experienced professionals, I have learnt a number of skills that I can apply to a number of job roles in the entertainment industry.

My internship consisted of filing, invoicing, responding to emails, fan mail, telephone calls and general enquiries, manage clients’ calendars, maintaining social media presence across the company’s profiles, as well as, those of the celebrity clients, identifying press coverage of clients in national publications, indentifying suitable events for clients to attend such as film premieres and award shows, identifying suitable brands for possible celebrity endorsements across their social media, pitching clients to brands for possible celebrity endorsements, attending photo shoots, TV studios such as ITV, radio stations, networking with industry professionals such a magazine editors and production companies and contacting brands to gift items for shoots. These different responsibilities have highlighted my ability to manage tasks well, demonstrated my communication and negotiation skills, proven my ability to work well in a team and use my initiative when necessary. These skills will certainly help me in the future with future employment opportunities in any role associated in the entertainment industry.

I have made a number of invaluable contacts across the industry including editors from magazines and chief executives from production companies. Having demonstrated my ability and enthusiasm for the role, CAN has offered me a part-time position working as a trainee talent manager whilst studying for my final year at Kent. The role is extremely flexible, working one day from home, one day from the office and another alongside one of the senior talent managers attending shoots, interviews and press days. On successful completion of my degree (fingers crossed) and having been training for almost a year, CAN are keen to employ me as a full time member of staff – exciting times!

The University of Kent Work Experience Bursary has helped to ease the pressure of my travel expenses as I am commuting from Essex to West Sussex every day – but rest assured it is all worthwhile! This experience has also given me the foundation for a Master’s degree in Global Entertainment should I choose to continue or return to study later on. I had applied to a number of different internships in the UK and the US. I was given the opportunity to work with Dolly Parton in the US but due to visa issues, I was unable to complete the internship.

There are opportunities out there!! As soon as you have your foot in the door, there are a number of opportunities to succeed in this industry. The one thing that I have learnt is that the industry is extremely saturated and any business or industry professional should be adaptable to the fast pace and changes that happen all the time in the entertainment industry.

– Harry Wilton, 3rd year Comparative Literature with a year abroad


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