According to the Evidence

In August, I had an amazing opportunity to do some work experience at Hatton Law, a firm that specialises in family law in Chatham. This experience was something that I was really looking forward to because through my own initiative, I had secured it during a networking event organised by Kent Law Society (KLS) and Kent Student Law Society (KSLS).

My role was shadowing the previous president of KLS, Deborah Hatton. As Hatton law is a relatively small firm, I was engaged in most of the daily activities, including the legal and even the financial side. I was assigned to read through the client’s folders, understand the process and evaluate the available options for the actable parties. Alongside this, I also attended meetings with clients at both incipient and later stages; and undertook administrative and accounting tasks. This experience has really given me an insight into how the business and financial statuses are so closely linked in with firms.

Overall, my experience with Hatton Law has been very informative and a great way to comprehend how a law firm works. I have also been able to develop my commercial awareness as well as legal knowledge. I have also gained good relations with the founder, Deborah and the office manager, Lauren; which I believe will bring me positive results in the future!

The University of Kent Work Experience Bursary helped me with travel expenses and I am very thankful for that! The experience might not have been possible without its help.

– Mihai Covrig is a 3rd year Law and Business Administration student at the University of Kent.


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