We Love Our Lawyers!

Working as a paralegal was an eye opening experience, which I would happily do again. Paralegal’s and solicitor’s provide citizens the ability to defend their rights; while  working in the  immigration department of Kilic and Kilic Solicitors,  I got to see how integral these roles are to families and individuals, who want the best for their lives whether it be  uniting with family members or the opportunity to earn a living.

The working environment was very different to what I was used; firstly it was my first time working in an office, secondly the workplace was multilingual due to our clients and thirdly grasping the grammar used for correspondence. The environment helped me to sharpen my interpersonal skills, especially when I needed help with new tasks as well as when I interacted with clients.


During my two weeks I had to juggle various client tasks given to me, therefore organisational skills were tried, tested and improved. Daily I had to prepare and organise bundles; this included using DPS legal software, filling applications forms, completing client ledges and photocopying. Confidentiality was integral to this role due to the sensitivity of the information used. I was also given the chance to hand in a case at a tribunal; luckily I didn’t have to wait too long in the queue.

Overall working as paralegal was very beneficial, it boosted my office confidence, gave me insight into law. As a second year student who studies Politics and International relations (with Quantitative Research), the work experience showed me how government policy affects people’s livelihoods for the better or the worse. This opportunity also showed me the importance of drive when choosing a career path, a friend once told me “before you start something, understand ‘the why’, no why, no motivation”.

I would like to thank Kent Careers and Employability Service for their financial support through the work experience bursary.

– Hillary Juma is a 2nd year student, studying Politics and International Relations with Quantitive Research.


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