Feed the world

After researching careers in the food and charity sector in Devon, I discovered a position for a charity based in South Devon called Health and Local Food for Families. Unfortunately the position was when I was in the middle of my second year, so instead, I decided to write to the director and asked if they would be willing to consider a work experience placement over the summer, once I had finished my exams. The director of the charity, Tiggy, explained how they were only a small local based charity that had never taken anybody on for work experience before, so she wanted to meet with me first to see if ‘fit’ was right. Luckily it was and I was able to start a project, that Tiggy had been wanting to do for a long time, but did’t have the resources to do.

Health and Local Food for Families focuses on getting people from disadvantaged backgrounds eating the right foods. The run a number of food courses and cooking demonstrations, all for free, teaching people how to cook. They also have a ‘food hub’ a local food and vegetable shop, which helps with the smooth and effective running of the charity.

My time spent with Halff was spent looking into ways that we could get younger families involved with the charity. This involved designing a survey, asking shoppers in Axminster to complete the survey, analysing the results and coming up with solutions and ideas on how they could implement different ways to get younger people involved. I also helped with their social media strategy, something they were struggling with as they didn’t have a full understanding at the powerful tool that social media can be for them.

As the charity was in South Devon and I live in North Devon, I wouldn’t have been able to conduct my work experience placement without the help of the Kent Work Experience Bursary. I was able to travel down every two weeks (it was a two hour train journey!) and complete the work experience over the summer. If it wasn’t for the bursary the work placement would not have happened and I wouldn’t have had the experience that will really stand out on my graduate CV.

– Lynsey Taylor is a 3rd year Sociology student at the University of Kent


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