Imagine all the people, living life in peace

Following an incredibly eventful year abroad studying in Hong Kong, there was little I wanted more than to stay on in the city throughout the summer.  Having been offered a very exciting summer internship, I was thrilled by the chance to explore my new home city from a different perspective, and to gain an understanding of working life in the center of the bustling and diverse metropolis.

However, after a year living and studying in one of the most expensive cities in the world, it was safe to say that my personal finances had taken a hit as my precious student loans had slowly emptied. The B:KEW bursary was invaluable in securing my financial independence throughout the summer work experience, as it covered large and necessary expenses such as my accommodation for the two month period, my transport back from Hong Kong to Canterbury via Singapore and Hong Kong, as well as the appropriate new work attire.

During my internship with the Royal Geographical Society, I was fortunate enough to be given responsibility when work on a range of projects including contract drafting and editing; event planning, organisation and management; data entry and systems reviewing; and editing various documents such as the Society’s Annual Review for publication.

I frequently assisted in meetings with board members, doing notes and minutes, current and potential business partners, and leading experts on a diverse range of topics including contemporary and historical China, literature, wildlife conservation, expeditions, and maritime history.

The wide variety of events, partners and venues meant that the work was always varied and exciting, and it was incredibly stimulating interacting with so many different and passionate experts.  By the end of my internship, I left Hong Kong with countless new experiences, contacts and impressions.

– Lisa Marie Hillestad is a final year International Legal Studies student at the University of Kent


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