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I was lucky enough to get a week’s work experience at John Wiley & Sons publishing. Aware of how competitive the publishing industry can be, I thought it would be extremely useful to have some experience under my belt to show potential employers I had a keen interest in the field.

I got to spend half my time in the Chichester branch and the rest in the Oxford branch. Throughout the week I worked closely with both the Editorial and the Marketing department, as I have an interest in both fields. This meant I got to undertake a broad variety of jobs and received a thorough overview of the publishing process itself. I spent a lot of time shadowing various people, which gave me a great insight into the exact day-to-day errands I would be running with a career in publishing. On top of this, I was given jobs such as taking notes in conference calls, updating the list of academic journals, researching companies to promote their new online software to and creating posters for the marketing team to email out. I also got the chance to write a few tweets for Wiley’s health sector!

I truly gained a lot from my work experience and would recommend other students to accept any opportunity given to them. The experience itself was so interesting; it gave me such a broad insight into academic publishing and what exactly it entailed. Not only that, but my week has also left me with a number of invaluable contacts. You may well claim to be enthusiastic and hard working, but nearly everyone is going to put that on their CV. Work experience is important as it gives you the chance to prove yourself and demonstrate the abilities you propose on your CV. Plus – it’s fun to just get out there and do something completely different! After spending a week at Wiley, I have learnt that a job in publishing is definitely the kind of career I want to pursue.

You can Google job descriptions endlessly, but the only way to truly understand an industry is to immerse yourself in it; and that’s why getting out there and finding some work experience is so important.

– Molly Littleboy is a 3rd year Comparative Literature student


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