Take me to church

For 10 weeks, I have been undertaking a Religious Studies In The Classroom Placement at a School in Gillingham, Kent. I have been observing classes, acting as a classroom assistant, working with small groups within the classroom, working with small groups outside of the classroom (revision activities), understanding marking, planning and leading starter activities, plenaries, and activities in lessons, and planning and leading whole lessons.

This experience has been very interesting and has given me the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding into the daily running of a school, understand the curriculum in RE/Ethics offered by the school, engage in a variety of different experiences whilst at the school, such as observations, classroom assisting, planning teaching starters and activities, and planning and teaching whole lessons. I have also had the chance to better understand a range of different teaching and learning styles, how to implement effective behavior in the classroom, understand the use of different databases and systems in a school, and understand how to gain a ‘teacher’s voice’!

This placement has allowed to me to realise that I would like to become a teacher, and have now completed and submitted my UCAS Application for Teacher Training, and have already received interview opportunities for two of my three applications.

Finally, the Work Experience Bursary has allowed to understand the overall idea that, as a teacher, the classroom is your stage, and you are the creative. As a teacher, you have the opportunity to create and teach inspiring lessons that enable students to have an effective learning experience in an engaging classroom environment.

– Chris Handley is a 3rd year Religious Studies student


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