Then you’ll finally see the truth…that the hero lies in you

The internship in the development office last summer was an amazing experience. For me it was a unique opportunity, one that has taught me invaluable employability skills and given me office experience.

On arrival in the Development Office, preparations were in full swing for congregations, which took place in my second week. I immediately got involved in the social media aspect of graduation, with planning potential tweets and looking up honorary graduates twitter handles. They wanted to gain a more prominent following on the UKCStudent snapchat and graduation was the perfect platform to achieve this. As no one had used snapchat before during grad week, so this was a bit of an experiment – which turned out to be a very successful one!

In addition working on graduation gave me a rare insight into how much planning and preparation goes into such an event. There was a buzz everywhere and the students looked like they enjoyed every second. Which gave me some great material for the snapchat. Snapchat was great because it captured this feeling of excitement and pride that was inescapable throughout. Having never really thought about graduation as much of an occasion, after this experience I can’t wait to graduate next year.

Learning how to use web-editing software Dreamweaver was another one of the highlights for me. Before this placement I was not particularly tech savvy, so being able to update the University website’s content was not only extremely satisfying but also fascinating. I learn how to use programs such as Word Press and Photoshop. As I got more familiar with the software I was able to do it more and more independently. This gave me such confidence.

Everyone in the development office was patient and open to any questions (no matter how silly!) Creating an enjoyable working environment. I learnt many skills during the ten weeks interning in the development office, including.

Such a variety of interesting and challenging tasks. IT skills were the most valuable thing I gained from this experience and hopefully I will put these to good use when applying for graduate jobs in the future. However, what I enjoyed the most was working alongside my fellow interns and colleagues. We had a lot of fun and it was such a creative and encouraging environment. It has inspired me to invest in my future, and to aim for jobs with similar roles in communications.

– Sophie Baker is a 3rd year American Studies student


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