Searching for Clues….


My mini-pupillage at Five Paper Chambers in London has been extremely insightful in terms of the Chambers’ practice areas. From day one, I was sent out to court with different barristers specialising in property and commercial law. As a result, I gained a greater understanding of Property law and Commercial law matters. For instance, I attended repossession hearings, bankruptcy, financial dispute resolution (FDR) hearings in relation to divorce financial settlements, and injunctions’ hearings. I gained a practical understanding of civil procedure rules and court etiquette. Being able to shadow different barristers also enabled me to observe a variety of advocacy styles and therefore become more confident about my own style. 

Therefore being able to spend a week within this set of chambers I am now better informed about the nature of work involved and the realities of the job. For instance, barristers often receive large amounts of work in the last minute and therefore being able to pick it up and present the case in the court effectively and diligently is an expectation that must be met.

Thanks to the University of Kent Work Experience Bursary, I have been able to attend this work experience and gain an invaluable insight which has been ever motivating and educating.

Ibtisam El Jeaaidi (Law Student)


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