Here comes the Judge

In February, I attended a two-day mini-pupillage with the prestigious commercial set Enterprise Chambers. I enjoyed an insightful experience into the law of property, insolvency and professional negligence and visited court each day. The Monday morning was particularly interesting, as I attended the ‘winding up’ sessions which included over 30 barristers each representing their clients, either to have their businesses closed, or to suspend orders in order to pay off debts. Before this experience, I had not realised that these orders had existed, but was informed this was classed as the ‘bread and butter’ hearings for junior barristers.

I also attended a pre-trial disclosure hearing where my supervising barrister argued that certain documents should be released to his clients in order to review whether a claim could be put forward. Commercial trials are very different to criminal trials – much smaller, with no jury involved and a lot more technical in terms of legal principles. I enjoyed listening to the language and different methods of presenting arguments and was surprised by how easily I followed the arguments.

There was a young team of barristers at Enterprise Chambers, and on the Tuesday afternoon they bought me lunch in the prestigious Inner Temple dining hall which was very generous, and a fantastic opportunity to ask more specific questions about their experiences as new barristers. I felt at ease and very welcome at Enterprise Chambers, and thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

Without the University Bursary, it is unlikely I would have had the means to travel to London and back for the experience, as for two days alone, the cost was £100. I am very grateful for the financial support, and believe this experience will further aid my future career as a Barrister.


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