Without any training, it’s pouring, it’s raining

The University of Kent Work Experience Bursary has been extremely valuable to me. I am trying to obtain a training contract and found my ideal firm. The next step was to attend their vacation scheme, and this meant giving up the opportunity to work after my exams until July. This would have left me in a difficult position had I not had access to the bursary. The bursary ultimately gave me the opportunity to spend 5 days working at the law firm, which enabled me to develop relationships with the members of staff there, including those who are able to give me a training contract. I was given the opportunity to demonstrate the skills and potential that I have, instead of having to rely on what I can portray in a written application. The vacation scheme gave me the opportunity to experience four different departments at the firm, which not only provided me with skills tailored to each area of law, but also taught me to learn how to adapt to working in different teams throughout the week.

The most important skill that I gained from the placement was how to handle the responsibility that you are given as someone on work experience at a firm, and how to carry out tasks to my best ability in order to be rewarded with more. By the end of the placement, I had developed strong relationships with the senior members of staff which meant that I could go directly to them for more challenging work.

Our final day of the placement was spent doing a group task. We were given a variety of tasks which allowed the firm to see how well we could work together, culminating in a presentation of our ideas. The experience was more valuable than I could have ever realised at the time. I have previously suffered with nerves when speaking publically, or even to a small group of people. Instead, my confidence had grown so much over the course of the week that I was given the best feedback out of everyone in the group, and was deemed a leader. It was a brilliant learning curve for me.

I’d like to thank those behind the Bursary scheme for enabling me to undertake this opportunity. I am waiting to hear back about my training contract application, and would never have been in this position without the scheme.

– Summer Prior is studying Law at the University of Kent


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